Saint Hubert


A forester in the east part of Belgium lives a peaceful life in the forest. When there is a big investigation in the forest, organized by the federal police, problems start to occur. This ends up in a conflict between the forester and one of the police officers. A clash between nature and the modern world.

Director: Jules Comes
Producer: Las Belgas, Jurgen Buedts.
Director of Photography: Grimm Vandekerckhove
Cast: Wim Opbrouck, Wouter Hendrickx, Michael Vergauwen.

Festival Selections

* Brussels Shortfilm Festival (2017, Belgium) Shortfilm Competition
* Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur (2017, Belgium)
* 33th Warsaw Filmfestival (2017, Poland) International Shortfilm Competition
* Leeds Film festival (2017, United Kingdom) Louis Le Prince Competition
* Bratislava Film Festival (2017, Slovakia) International Shortfilm Competition
* International Shortfilmfestival Leuven (2017, Belgium) Flemish Competition
* Feel The Reel International Shortfilm Festival (2017, Glasgow, UK).
Won Best of the fest award (october)
Bucharest ShortCut Cine Fest’s edition. (2017, Romania)
* Edukino (2017, Warsaw, Poland)
* The Monthly Film Festival (Romania, 2017)
Won Best of the fest award (december)
* Largo film Awards (Switserland, 2017)
* International Shortfilm Festival Clermont-Ferrand (2018, France)
* Annual Copenhagen Film Festival (2018, Denmark)
*FILMETS Badalona Film Festival (2018, Spain)
*La Guarimba (2018, Italy)
* FIFCBUEU ( 2018, Spain)
* Short Stop Film Festival 2018 June (won best editing)
* Filmstrip International Film Festival (2018, Romania)
* Court Métrange, international fantastic and etrange short film festival (2018, France)
* Dea Film Festival – (Albania 2018)